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Building a Geo-Cache-Transposed (GCT)

I liked the idea of my collegue Stefan Michaelis to give a transposed geo-cache as a gift to a special person. As he detailed the building instructions and shared his sourcecode on github, I decided to give it a try. The updated code is available here: Step 0: Piecelist To get started I ordered […]

Chapter on Privacy in Spatio-Temporal data in press

The following chapter is in press: T. Liebig, “AI-based analysis methods in spatio-temporal data mining,” in AI: Philosophy, Geoinformatics & Law, M. Jankowska, M. Pawelczyk, and M. Kulawiak, Eds., Warsaw: IUS PUBLICUM, 2015, pp. 135-152. [Bibtex] [ Draft] @incollection{liebig16a, title={AI-based analysis methods in spatio-temporal data mining}, author={Liebig, Thomas}, booktitle={AI: Philosophy, Geoinformatics \& Law}, pages={135–152}, year={2015}, […]