Chapter on Privacy in Spatio-Temporal data in press

The following chapter is in press:

  • T. Liebig, “AI-based analysis methods in spatio-temporal data mining,” in AI: Philosophy, Geoinformatics & Law, M. Jankowska, M. Pawelczyk, and M. Kulawiak, Eds., Warsaw: IUS PUBLICUM, 2015, pp. 135-152.
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I’m glad the chapter received a great review:

”…Even though many of the articles in the book contain highly technical subject matter, lawyers—and particularly those with an interest in privacy law—may nevertheless find some uniquely useful information. Thomas Liebig’s piece on AI-based analysis methods in spatio-temporal datamining provides a good example of this. Liebig delves deeply into an understanding of where the technology behind privacy law may be headed, including a detailed discussion of location identification and re-identification technologies…”.
Dr. Dan Nabel
Los Angeles, 10 December 2015