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Building a Geo-Cache-Transposed (GCT)

I liked the idea of my collegue Stefan Michaelis to give a transposed geo-cache as a gift to a special person. As he detailed the building instructions and shared his sourcecode on github, I decided to give it a try. The updated code is available here: Step 0: Piecelist To get started I ordered […]


Dynamic Route Planning

This post previously appeared at The task of planning a route from one start location to a target location is called trip planning. When multiple means of transportation (also called “travel modes”) are involved this becomes multi-modal trip planning. The integration of transportation systems with personal constraints, residential and city services systems can offer […]


Mark your street asphalted and earn Bitcoins

The navigation software OSMand provides online and offline navigation. Their open-source software depends on openstreetmap (OSM) a volunteered geographic data initiative. Map data can be added by any person using different software tools. In some cities mapping parties are held to increase data quality of OSM and to teach people the fundamentals of geographic information […]