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Best Paper Award at COSIT’17

Our paper on avoiding traffic jams with dynamic self-organizing trip planning [1] received the best paper award at COSIT conference in L’Aquila. Congratulations to my coauthor Maurice Sotzny, and special thanks to the audience! Our paper is motivated by the increasing congestions in urban areas. Most navigation systems and algorithms that avoid these congestions consider […]

Chapter on Privacy in Spatio-Temporal data in press

The following chapter is in press: T. Liebig, “AI-based analysis methods in spatio-temporal data mining,” in AI: Philosophy, Geoinformatics & Law, M. Jankowska, M. Pawelczyk, and M. Kulawiak, Eds., Warsaw: IUS PUBLICUM, 2015, pp. 135-152. [Bibtex] [ Draft] @incollection{liebig16a, title={AI-based analysis methods in spatio-temporal data mining}, author={Liebig, Thomas}, booktitle={AI: Philosophy, Geoinformatics \& Law}, pages={135–152}, year={2015}, […]